About Us
Maple Ridge Bison Ranch, Inc. is located on Gile Hollow Rd. in Hinsdale, N.Y. and nestled in the heart of the Enchanted Mountains of Western N.Y. (+/-60 miles south of Buffalo, N.Y. and +/-20 miles north of Bradford, Pa.)
We are a family owned and operated business. The first four generations of our family operated a dairy farm on the same lands that our bison now roam. We started with 10 bison in 2001. The following year we purchased 60 animals from the Black Hills of South Dakota, including 3 silver, 3 bronze and 6 honorable mention calves.
Most of our 300 acres is fenced with 6-8 strands of high tensile electric fence. The bison roam freely. We feel very blessed to be able to wake up every morning and see such majestic creatures grazing our land.
                                                 We support the growth of  natural
                                             and sustainable agricultural
                                        practices and  treat all of our                                                 bison with dignity. We are fifth                                             generation tenants of this land and                                             we feel strongly that our environment                                             can be renewed through wise use, and our lands management philosophy allows our bison to roam freely (with minimal human interference) as they did centuries ago. This natural environment allows us to produce some of America's finest red meat available.
Executive Bios
 President Jeffrey S. Goodyear founded the company in 2001. He was raised on the same land that the bison now roam. He purchased the family farm in 1999 while living and working in New Hampshire. With the help of family and friends they began clearing the land and building fence on weekends and holidays. After retiring in 2001, he returned home to pursue his life long dream of raising bison. His dream became a reality with the arrival of the first 10 animals later that year.
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