Nature's Original Heart Healthy Red Meat
People are rapidly discovering the health benefits of bison. Here at Maple Ridge Bison Ranch our bison are all strictly grass fed and grass finished. They are not fed any grain or animal byproducts and graze on only native grasses and browse. We do not administer any steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics. Grass fed and grass finished bison meat is both: low in calories, fat and cholesterol and, high in: protein, minerals, iron and heart healthy Omega-3  fatty acids. There are no known human allergies to bison meat. The American Heart Association has included bison meat as a lean meat alternative to fish and poultry. 
Grass fed bison meat is very tender there is no wild or gamey taste to the meat. It's flavor is slightly sweet and robust - just the way nature intended it. Bison is a much denser and leaner red meat. Because it has little or no fat to act as an insulator it cooks much faster than beef. If cooked incorrectly it will become tough and dry. We recommend rare to medium rare with an internal temperature of 135-155 degrees Fahrenheit. FDA guidelines for restaurants suggest 155 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember - low and slow is best.

Our commitment to you is to provide you with the most natural, lean and heart healthy red meat available.
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